Two World War II Letters From Brigadier (Major) General William Marquat

An outstanding pair of letters from then Brigadier General William Marquat to friends. Marquat served as Staff Officer to General MacArthur and commanded the 14th Anti-Aircraft command.

When ordered to leave the Philippines in 1942, General MacArthur handpicked a small number of officers to take with him. The “Bataan Gang” as these men were later known, formed the core of his inner circle for the rest of World War II.

Major General William Marquat was a member of General Douglas MacArthur’s “Bataan Gang.” A highly decorated officer of World War I, World War II, and the Korean War, he had a reputation for avoiding the intrigues that often swirled around MacArthur’s staff. He was also instrumental in post-war economics in Japan and served for a time as Commissioner of baseball in Japan.

Both envelops and letters are signed by Marquat.

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