Silver World Coin Lots by the Ounce - 1 or 2 Troy Ounces Net Pure

I've cooked up a neat little deal of numismatically inclined silver World Coins that offer a nice balance of numismatic value and silver value. Both deals will contain a minimum of either 1 or 2 net pure ounces of silver spread across world silver coins from various countries (great effort will be made not to have duplicate countries inside each lot).

An example 1 toz. lot might look like this:

  • 1943 Australia Florin .3364 asw
  • 1904 Newfoundland 50c .3503 asw
  • 1960 Canada 25c .150 asw
  • 1944 India 1/2 Rupee .0939 asw
  • 1944 Curacao 1/4 Gulden .0737 asw
  • For a total of 1.0043 net pure ounces of silver.


  • 1907 Philippines Peso .5144 asw
  • 1945 Great Britain 1/2 Crown .2273 asw
  • 1958 Canada 50c .30 asw
  • For a total of 1.0417 net pure ounces of silver.

Many other possibilities exist and it will simply be dependent on the additional numismatic value added vs. net purity of each coin that determines the supplied mix. No matter how many coins, each lot will always contain slightly over 1 or 2 troy ounces net pure silver depending on which you purchase. What you will not receive in these lots are .999 bullion pieces or significantly modern pieces (2000s+).

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