Sealed Atlantic World War II Gold Escape & Evasion Kit - Super Scarce

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These kits were given to some U.S. airmen and paratroopers in World War II to be used as a means of bribery/payment should the soldier become captured or, need to bribe or make some sort of payment to locals in theater.

The internals of the kit shown here are the contents of another Atlantic set we own. These were the kits given to those fighting in the European theater. They did issue another kit with different contents for the Pacific theater.

In the early 80s the Department of Defense found a small cache of these kits and auctioned them all off. Today most all of these kits have been broken open and sold off piecemeal. Now, even opened complete kits are scarce and sealed kits are downright rare. The kit for sale here is sealed.

This kit (like all Atlantic kits) contains the following gold pieces:

  • 1 - Gold Sovereign
  • 2 - Gold Half Sovereigns
  • 1 - 20 Franc Gold Coin
  • 1 - 10 Franc Gold Coin
  • 3 - .333 (8 Karat) Gold Rings

But, of course, only a small portion of the value attributed to these sets is due to the gold content. The real value is owed to the rarity and unusualness of the piece. These are truly rare pieces of World War II history.

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