Roosevelt Dime Sets Special - Premium Quality Brilliant Uncirculated & Superb Proof

Three options with an amazing deal on the 3rd full set.

1946 to 1964 P-D-S - This is the standard Roosevelt Dime set which pretty much everyone should have at least one of. All are original PQ Brilliant Uncirculated with either attractive album toning or bright white mint luster.

These diminutive coins represent the last of the circulating silver some of can still remember using on a daily basis. Monday to Friday you could have purchased the New York Times for just one of these coins in your pocket. Then come Saturday it would have only taken ten of them for a six pack of beer to wash away the week!

1965 to 2017 P-D-S-S - This is the secondary mostly clad set but including all the silver proof issues from 1992 to 2017. All coins are original PQ Brilliant Uncirculated and Superb Proof (most coins were pulled directly from U.S. Mint and Proof sets)

1946 to 2017 P-D-S-S - The whole shebang. This sale price will not last as we have put aside a fixed number of sets to sell at this pricing. It represents a significant discount from our previous special that only went to 2014. Get yours quickly!

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