Rare 1892 Proof $5 Liberty Gold Coin - NGC PF 55

Today it is uncommon to use the term "rare" and not feel to some degree its being bandied about - not so in this case. The proof 1892 $5 Liberty gold coin had a mintage of just 92 and is considerably more scarce than some of the lower-mintage proof $5 Libs. At this time, it is believed that fewer than 50 coins remain extant in any condition.

Though this coin is in less than perfect condition, the reality is that few collectors will ever have the opportunity to own any sort of classic proof gold due either to availability or price or both. If you've ever had the opportunity to see a piece of classic proof gold "in hand', this coin will have no problem convincing you of its proof origin.

And, on a final note... Its impossible to talk about "circulated" proof gold without mentioning the Kaufman brothers who built "one of the finest privately held collections in history". Unfortunately, they also tended to abuse their collection by attaching the coins to display boards using three brass tacks. One wonders...

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