Postal/Banking Ephemera Collection From The Seaboard National Bank Norfolk, VA

This tidy little collection is made up mostly of World War II dated envelopes but also includes an uncashed check.

1 peice - 1922 Dated, Seaboard National Bank check in the amount of 55 Cents. The check is made out to John Skelton Williams, the former Controller of the currency in President Woodrow Willison's administration.

81 peces - Cancelled envelopes addressed to the Seaboard National Bank, mostly dated 1941-1945. This portion of the deal includes envelopes that were mailed FREE for military servicemen. As well as mail that passed through Navy, Army and other military censors. Return addresses include: Amphibious Training Command, U.S.S. Mindanao (ARG-3), U.S.S. Indiana, and plenty more. Definately a neat little lot!

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