Pair of 1850s $1 & $2 Cochituate Bank of Boston, MA Broken Bank Notes

Cochituate is an Algonquin word for "the place of rushing water".

The Cochituate Bank of Boston, MA was incorporated in 1849 and failed in 1854 (due to mismanagement).

These notes harken back the "free banking era" in the United States (1837-1862). This was a time when only state chartered banks existed. During the free banking era banks were especially short-lived compaired to today's banks (avg. 5 years) and about 50% of them failed.

Each of these notes (shipped in protective mylar holders) may exhibit tears, holes or small missing pieces - however they remain mostly whole and easily identifiable. You are getting two neat piece of U.S. and economic history at a price-point that can't be beat.

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