Lot of 15 1917 "Sawhorse" $1 Legal Tender Notes - Mixed Grade "Problem" Notes

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Here's a neat little deal that is sure to work for someone. Each of these notes has some sort of issue that would keep me from selling them "straight graded". As I have so many at this point I figured I'd just sell them as a group. None are "rags" all just have one minor issue or another.  All are FR.38 or FR.39. Here's the breakdown including a rough estimation of value (total $630):

T19754961A  Fine, but Net VG. Couple of small upper very small margin tears $50
T44373673A Honest VG (no problems), Wanted to get the group to 15 $55
R37783288A Few edge nicks & pinholes. Still probably VG anywhere. $50
T1016197A VF. Small hole. And a small cornering @ Face, right, bottom $50
N8609522A VG. 1" tear bottom right margin. Dark paper. Decent contrast $30
H11236860A VG. Chippy top margin. Still VG most places. $50
H73975449A VG/F. Small bite out of top margin. Chippy edges. $35
H80355229A Couple pushed corners. Mildly chippy edges. VG some places. $40
K7017209A VG/VF. 1" tear top right margin. Small burn marks. Broken back. $30
N39450986A Fine. Ex-mounted in a lot of light. Faded serials and seal. $35
A46897558A F/VF. Small margin burn mark. Couple dots of ink. $60
R96305197A Fine. Slightly faded serials/seal. Faded blue "m" written on face. $50
R60357650A Stained, dirty VG/Fine. Small cornering upper left. Still decent. $40
T59937154A Washed so many times one serial unreadable. Other very faded. $20
R70288754A Small cornering lower left. 1/2" tear center margin. VG/F. $35


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