9 Different Liberty Head "V" Nickel Super Special - In Good or Better Condition

Occasionally we run these deals in print and they always sell out fairly quickly. In this online-only Liberty Head nickel deal we've collected some of the slightly more difficult to obtain dates and a few of the more commons. As you can see virtually all are from the 1800s.

1887 $19.95 (reg. price) 1895 $7.95 (reg.price)
1889 $14.95 (reg. price) 1897 $4.95 (reg. price)
1891 $9.95 (reg. price) 1899 $4.95 (reg. price)
1892 $7.95 (reg. price) 1912-D $4.95 (reg. price)
1893 $7.95 (reg. price) All 9 Coins $77.95 (special)


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