Hayes Administration Autograph Book (Includes James Garfield signature) - Cover Damaged

This neat book (seemingly put together by James Allen Dumont or his wife) contains signatures from virtually every cabinet position in the Rutherford B. Hayes presidency as well as James A. Garfield's. This is a partial listing of some of the more important autographs:

    Rutherford B. Hayes President of the United States 1877-1881
    Chester A. Arthur President of the United States 1881-1885
    William M. Everts Secretary of State 1877-1881
    John Sherman Secretary of Treasury 1877-1881
    Richard W. Thompson Secretary of Navy 1877-1881
    George W. McCrary Secretary of War 1877-1881
    Henry Linderman Director of the Mint 1873-1878
    Schuyler Colfax Vice President of the U.S. 1869-1873
    James G. Hill Supervising Architect of the B.E.P.
    Chauncey Olcott Actor, Songwriter, Singer
    Horace Austin Governor of Minnesota 1870-1874

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