11 Different Early Lincoln Cent Super Special - Select Coins in Good or Better Condition

Occasionally we run these deals in print and they always sell out fairly quickly. For this deal we've selected a pleasing group starting in 1909, traveling through the teens, twenties and into the early 1930s. We are selling this deal strictly as a grouping as we cannot run out of any particular date and still complete the deal. All  coins are strong date Goods or better.

1909 $2.95 (reg. price) 1915-D $3.95 (reg. price)
1909 V.D.B. $5.95 (reg. price) 1921-S $2.95 (reg.price)
1910-S $11.95 (reg. price) 1922-D $19.95 (reg. price)
1912-D $5.95 (reg. price) 1924-S $2.95 (reg. price)
1913-D $3.95 (reg. price) 1926-S $11.95 (reg. price)
1915 $3.95 (reg. price) All 11 Coins $55.95 (special)


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