December 17, 1781 Connecticut Pay-Table £5 Note - PMG AU 50

Issued to William Moseley:

A lawyer in Hartford, Connecticut and a member of the Connecticut General Assembly.

Moseley was born on June 20, 1755. He attended and graduated from Yale in 1777, and was admitted to the Bar in 1789, one of seventeen men in Hartford County that year. Moseley practiced in the city of Hartford for many years, finally retiring in 1823. In the October session of 1798, he was listed on the roll of state officers and members of the General Assembly of Connecticut. He thus served in the Connecticut state senate by the turn of the century.

He lived on a land lot in Hartford, Connecticut, that he had acquired in 1783. During this time, he served as a director of the Hartford National Bank from 1797 to 1815. He retired from public life in 1823 and died in Hartford in June 1824.

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