Complete 1999-2008 P-D-S-S 200-Coin State Quarter Sets in Two Bookshelf Albums

For a limited time, and just in time for the holidays, we are offering these sets at a heretofore unseen price.

These two-album sets include all the Statehood Quarters: All 50 P-mint coins, all 50 D-mint coins, all 50 S-mint clad proof coins, all 50 S-mint silver proof coins & two deluxe Dansco bookshelf albums! If you built each set from government issue mint and proof sets these albums would cost you around $1000! If you were somehow able to buy them at wholesale (including the albums) they would cost you $347!

We are decimating both those prices and every other dealers' pricing! This season give a gift of lasting value that, at our price point, already has built-in upside potential!

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