Civil War West Virginia Honorable Discharge Service Medal / 15th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry

Issued by the State of West Virginia in 1866. This is a Class I Honorable Discharge medal without ribbon and top bar. The planchet rim is impressed : HENRY WALTER QM SRGT 15TH REG INF VOLS

The 15th West Virginia Volunteer Regiment, organized in August-October 1862, saw most of its action between 1864 and 1865 having fought in The Battle of Cloyd's Mountain, The Battle of Lynchburg,  The Battle of Cool Spring, The Battle of Opequon through to the Battle of Appomattox Court House.

Obverse. The figure of Liberty, scantily draped, to the right, with both arms extended; the right hand holding a laurel wreath which she is about to place upon the head of a soldier, who, to the left, is stepping forward to be crowned; the left hand holding a scroll which the soldier is receiving. Behind the figure of Liberty, the American eagle is perched upon a small pedestal, and behind the soldier is a box of growing cereals. On the base of the piece of ground on which these figures stand is the name of "J. Sigel, N. Y," In exergue, the legend, motto, and devices of the arms of the State of West Virginia, to the left of which is the date 1861, and to the right the date 1865.

Reverse. Within a wreath of laurel, the inscription in five lines, "Presented | By The | State | of | West Virginia." In exergue, "A. Demarest, N. Y."

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