Civil War Paper Money Grab Bags - Priced For Every Budget

Given our location it is probably no surprise that we are basically drowning in Civil War era currency. Thus, the grab bag.

Instead of spending a ton of time listing each piece individually we have created grab bags! There are pictures for example builds of each "grab bag" (not really bagged). Every selection will vary to some degree or another.

That said, there is huge value packed into each one of these deals. The time we save photographing and listing each individual note is passed directly on to you.

Every note will be individually secured in a PVC free plastic holder. Not all notes will be issued directly by the Confederate States – some notes will be emergency issues directly from southern states (Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, etc..)

Every Deal Ships Free! While we will of course be trying to fill orders with up to the value ordered, we respect the trust you are putting in us for this deal, and will strive to only ever error in your favor by giving you more than paid for and never less.

  • Budget Friendly - Lower grade notes. Fewer notes.
  • Starter Set - Generally nicer notes (F/VF+). More notes.
  • Quality over Quantity - Higher end and/or more scarce notes (could be as few as one but also one we'd typically sell for over $100.)
  • Tsunami of Notes - No rags. And the best overall variety. Anywhere from 5 to 15 notes.

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