Byzantine Empire, Phocas AV Solidus Constantinople Mint, 602-610 AD, VF (holed)

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Phocas. AD 602-610. AV Solidus, 4.25 gm. Constantinople mint.

Obv: ON FOCAS PERP AVG, draped and cuirassed facing bust, wearing crown without pendilia, holding cross on globe

Rev: VICTORIA AVGG and officina letter, angel standing facing, holding P-headed cross and cross on globe; mintmark CONOB

Phocas (Latin: Flavius Phocas Augustus; Greek: Φωκᾶς, Phokas; 547 – 5 October 610) was Byzantine Emperor from 602 to 610. He usurped the throne from the Emperor Maurice, and was himself overthrown by Heraclius after losing a civil war.

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