Byzantine Empire, Michael VII Gold Histamenon Nomisma 1071-1078 AD, Near Mint State (AU)

Michael VII (AD 1071-1078). AV Histamenon Nomisma (28mm, 4.38 gm). Constantinople Mint

Obv: IX-XC to left and right of Christ seated facing, with nimbus cross, raising right hand and holding book of gospels in left hand.

Rev: +MIXAHA RACIA O D, bearded, crowned, facing bust of Michael VII, wearing loros, holding labarum (sometimes with pellet on shaft beneath hand) and cross (composed of four dots) above globe

This near mint specimen was recently purchased over the counter at a decent price and I like to try to pass that savings along to customers whenever possible. Should I end up having to send this coin to NGC, I expect an AU/MS grade and estimate its auction will end well north of $1000.

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