2021 New Hampshire 1 Goldback 1/1000th Troy Ounce Net Pure Gold - Gem Uncirculated

From the Goldback website:

The Goldback® is the world’s first physical, interchangeable, gold money, that is designed to accommodate even small transactions.

The creation of the Goldback relies on 5th generation vacuum deposition technology. The designs are printed on a sheet of polymer that is then bombarded with the correct amount of atomized gold particles in a vacuum chamber. This gold is then sealed inside by a second protective barrier of polymer, thus creating a beautiful negative image. Valaurum has been developing the process for nearly two decades and it has never been counterfeited. It is truly the most technologically advanced process for creating a physical gold money in the world today.

From Yesterday's Change:

These are a neat little novelty item that do indeed contain their prescribed amounts of gold. We had an opportunity to buy a small lot of these at an attractive price and are able to pass the savings along to you. Each note is individually serialized and both PMG and PCGS are encapsulating them.

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