2010 to 2013 Roosevelt Dimes by Date- Brilliant Uncirculated

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Item Price In?
2010-P $0.50 Yes!
2010-D $0.50 Yes!
2010-S Proof $3.95 Sold Out!
2010-S Silver $6.95 Yes!
2011-P $0.50 Yes!
2011-D $0.50 Yes!
2011-S Proof $6.95 Sold Out!
2011-S Silver $8.50 Sold Out!
2012-P $0.50 Sold Out!
2012-D $0.50 Yes!
2012-S Proof $6.95 Sold Out!
2012-S Silver $29.95 Sold Out!
2013-P $0.50 Yes!
2013-D $0.50 Yes!
2013-S Proof $6.95 Yes!
2013-S Silver $9.50 Sold Out!

Grade: Brilliant Uncirculated


Here are our Roosevelt Dimes dated 2010 to 2013 in Brilliant Uncirculated available for individual purchase. If buying multiple just select one at a time and add to the cart.

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