19th Century Silver Table Spoon by Theodore Dubosq - Maker of Territorial Gold $5s & $10s

Theodore Dubosq was a Philadelphia jeweler and silversmith. His pieces date from 1829 to 1850 (given the dates that we purchased along with the spoons we suspect these are date closer to 1850). Each spoon measures 160 mm long with a triangular bowl, and has been engraved with HMH on the end of the stem. On the back of the spoon is the hallmark, THEO : DUBOSQ / PHILADELPHIA. Overall excellent condition.

I could only find one Heritage (1/2010) sale of Dubosq silver. That spoon (slightly larger) sold for $322.

Dubosq's numismatic fame comes from his move from Philadelphia to San Francisco during the gold rush. Melting and coining equipment in tow he made a small number of $5s and $10s from California gold (around 15 pieces are believed remaining).

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