1989 Australia Holey Dollar ($1) and the Dump (25c) in OGP KM.131 & KM.132 - Gem Proof

The 1988 Holey Dollar ($1, 99.9% pure silver 1oz) and Dump (25c, 99.9% pure silver 1/4oz) coins are encapsulated and housed in a special presentation wallet. The pair were the second in a three year series of proof Holey Dollar and Dump coins issued by the Perth Mint between 1988 and 1990.

KM# 131
Denomination Dollar
Country Australia
Government Commonwealth of Australia
Ruler Elizabeth II
Coinage Type Decimal Coinage
Composition Silver
Fineness 0.999
Weight 31.1 g 0.9988 oz ASW
Description Obverse Holey dollar with small silhouette of crowned Queen at top dividing legend, value at bottom
Description Reverse 2 crocodiles around hole
Shape Round with hole in middle
Designer Obverse Raphael Maklouf
Notes The "outer ring" coin issued with the center "plug" 25 cents, KM#132.

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