1988-A Chicago Federal Reserve Note Printed Foldover Error With Companion Notes

Grade: Gem Crisp Uncirculated

This little set is super neat. I believe that when the sheet this note was was printed upon went through printing it may have already had a fold. That resulted in this particular note's face seeing just part of its back printed and two separate plate impressions being transferred to the face. Then, when it came time for the 2nd (face) and 3rd printings (overprint), the sheet had already been unfolded and they were printed normally.

It is a dramatic error made only more dramatic by having two companion notes with similar looking errors from what has to be the same print run (393B & 397B). These two are the more traditional partial back to front offset printing errors.

A similar error sold (without companions) last September (2017) at the Heritage Long Beach Signature Auction for $1,320.00. We believe our set offers significantly more value and allure for the buck.

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