1979 to 1999 P-D-S Susan B. Anthony Dollar 18-Coin Sets in Dansco Album

This special online-only deal includes BOTH Type-2s and the Wide Rim (near date).

Normally when we special these sets, we sell the expected 17-coin set which still includes the tougher 1979-S Type-2 and 1981-S Type-2 "Clear S" coins.

However, for this online-only deal however we are also including the 1979 Wide Rim (or near date) variety at the same special price you usually find in our print advertisements and mailings (the Fall 2017 included). Take advantage of our drive to increase our online sales with this additional $20 savings!

This set includes the following Susan B. Anthony $1 coins: 1979-P, 1979-D, 1979-S, 1979-S Ty.1 Prf, 1979-S Ty.2 Prf, 1979 Wide Rim, 1980, 1980-D, 1980-S, 1980-S Prf, 1981, 1981-D, 1981-S, 1981-S Ty.1 Prf, 1981-S Ty.2 Prf, 1999-P, 1999-D, and 1999-P Prf.

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