1940s Scheaffer Triumph 14K Nib Fountain Pen & Pencil Set - VF Working Condition

1940s Scheaffer Triumph 14K Nib Fountain Pen & Pencil Set - VF Working Condition

Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a complete beginner looking for a place to start, this set is a great addition for any collector of fine writing instruments. The Triumph is perhaps the most historically important pen in the entire Scheaffer catalog. It was the first pen to ever feature Scheaffer's iconic "Triumph Nib (1942)," which later came to define the brand. The Triumph's cylindrical nib was designed to allow more channels for ink-flow, making it usable in almost any position and functional at high-altitudes. The feed was designed to allow ink to flow back into the barrel when not in use, which meant no more inky fingers. It was designed to be much stronger than other nibs on the market and its distinctive feedback made it a favorite of many. The Triumph Nib is undoubtedly one of Scheaffer's most innovative achievements, and it has served as the driving inspiration for Scheaffer's nibs since it's first release.

The set comes with a Scheaffer Triumph Lever-Filled Fountain Pen and a twist-to-use matching pencil. I have cleared the feed of old ink debris and tested the ink sac and filling mechanism extensively for durability. It writes exceptionally well compared even to modern pens. The nib is very fine and gives good feedback, but it does not feel scratchy. I strongly recommend using a lightweight ink like Waterman Black or Serenity Blue, as thicker inks might have a hard time with such a fine pen and dry up in the barrel.

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