1940s Cicero Chicago Paddock Lounge 5¢ In Drinks (Chicago Mob) - About Uncirculated

Obv: PADDOCK LOUNGE / 5¢ / 4833 / W. CERMAK RD.


Exerpt from Investigation of Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce - Senate Special Committee, 1950

Joseph Aiuppa was allegedly one of the owners of the Taylor Manufacturing Co. in Cicero. This company manufactures or supplies gaming-house equipment to gambling houses throughout the Nation. It ships a considerable amount of equipment to Nevada and other places. Claude Maddox, a public enemy and the
member of the Capone syndicate, is also allegedly associated with Aiuppa in the Taylor Co. In other words, they get you coining and going. They manufacture the equipment and then operate it. On July 5, 1945, Joe Aiuppa was fined $50 on a charge of accepting horse- race bets, by a j ustice of the peace in the Willow Springs court. Aiuppa and two others were arrested for operating a handbook in the Post Time Tavern, 4824 Cermak Road, Cicero. Aiuppa was also arrested in connection with the slaying of James D. Larrisen, on April 7, 1944, in the tavern of Matt Capone. Recently Aiuppa has been allegedly operating the Turf Club and Paddock Lounge a Cicero gambling joint. He is considered to be one of the right-hand men of Tony Accardo, who is now rated as one of the real big shots in the syndicate./em>

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