1932 William Penn 250th Anniversary of Arrival Bronze 38mm HK-462 R3 - NGC MS 64

Gorgeous gem specimen of this So-Called-Dollar catalogued as HK-462.

Medals issued by William Penn Commemoration Committee.

Celebration held Oct. 24, 1932, in Convention Hall; international radio and telephone hook-up brought into hall speeches on Penn by President of United States, Queen of Holland, Kings of England and Sweden, Governors of Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey and Mayors of London, Deal, New Castle, Chester and Philadelphia.

Obv. Within 2/3 circle, broken at bottom, armored bust, facing slightly to r.; in field to l. of bust Ae.Tis. 22.; in field to r., 1666; above r. shoulder, Kilenyi; outside, above around 1682 Arrival of William Penn in America 1932

Rev. Scene depicting Penn's first land purchase from Indians--full-length Penn, l. shakes hands with Indian chief, center, who stands before seated tribesmen; near lower l. edge, microscopic Whitehead-Hoag

Designed by Julio Kilenyi, New York sculptor; struck by Whitehead & Hoag Co.

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