1930s to 1958 Mixed Date 50-coin Wheat Cent Rolls

pq brilliant uncirculated
With a total catalog value of over $50, each of these rolls contains a minimum of 15 different issues, including: 1 - 1930's dated coin, 2 different steel cents, all mints (P,D & S) represented. The quality of the coins is outstanding. By and large they are all blazing red coins. A few coins here and there may show colorful end-roll-toning (if we deem them worthy), a very light "dusting" of brown (if we deem it far more red than brown) or light brown edges from being stored in a paper roll. As we do not have a plethora of these rolls to offer we are currently limited to offering two per customer to make certain everyone gets a chance at at least one – don't miss yours!

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