1923 U.S. Large-Size $1 Silver Certificates, A Great Starter Note

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Item Price In?
Crisp Uncirculated $99.00 Sold Out!
Very Fine+ $59.95 Yes!
Very Good/Fine $29.95 Sold Out!
Cull/Good $9.95 Sold Out!

No matter what grade you choose, these notes are priced so low we will sell out.


Cull - May have holes, writing, tears or any combination. They will be easily identifiable and generally whole.

Very Good/Fine - Saw significant circulation but have no holes, tears or writing.

Very Fine+ - Saw mostly protected circulation. Will have a 1-3 wallet folds may be lightly discolored.

Crisp Uncirculated - No folds, no problems. Like it was just printed.

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