1915 Restrike Austria Gold 4 Ducats - .4426 oz AGW - Gem Brilliant Uncirculated

Terrific specimens of this unusual trade coin at just 2% over melt!

These coins are minted of .986 fine gold, have a diameter slightly larger than a silver dollar and a thickness slightly thinner than a dime. The 1915 Restrike was struck between 1920 and 1934, a total of 496,501 were struck.

KM# 2276
Denomination 4 Ducat
Country Austria
Government Austro-Hungarian Empire
Ruler Franz Joseph I
Coinage Type Trade Coinage
Composition Gold
Fineness 0.986
Weight 13.9636 g 0.4426 oz AGW
Description Obverse Laureate, armored bust right
Description Reverse Crowned imperial double eagle

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