1915 "Restrike" 100 Corona Gold Coins - Gem Uncirculated

Cataloged as KM # 2819, each of these substantial coins contains nearly a full ounce of net pure gold (0.9802 oz AGW). Each features and obverse bust of Franz Joseph I (Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia) while the reverse is dominated by an Imperial double eagle. Priced at just 4% over melt, anyone would be hard pressed to find a more affordable store of gold value.

KM# 2819
Denomination 100 Corona
Country Austria
Government Austro-Hungarian Empire
Ruler Franz Joseph I
Coinage Type Reform Coinage (100 Heller = 1 Corona)
Composition Gold
Fineness 0.9
Weight 33.8753 g 0.9802 oz AGW
Diameter 37 mm
Edge Description VNITIS VIRIBVS
Description Obverse Head right
Description Reverse Crowned double eagle, tail dividing value, date at bottom
Designer Obverse Stefan Schwartz

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