1912 Elgin GF Pocket Watch - 7 Jewel, Model 6, Size 16s, South African Railway

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The real story here, outside of it being a fine 100yr+ old watch in good working order, is the travels this watch has taken. We can match this watch back to its original owner thanks to a blurb in a 1917 edition of the "South African Railways and Harbours" magazine (see attached photograph). This watch was gifted to W.S. Burger, almost certainly, when he started working at the railway. Manufactured in 1912, inscribed in 1913 and the owner written about in 1917.

Serial Number 16337475 Not a complicated, nor particularly fine works, but its clean and a strong runner, keeping good time. No, the story here is a traceable lineage with dates that all line up in a row.
Model 6
Grade 292
Manufactured 1912
Size 6s
Jewels 7
Case Material GF 20Y

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