1909 to 2010 P-D-S Lincoln Cent Set in Dansco Album - VG to Unc (NGC VF 25 SVDB)

Grade: Very Good to Uncirculated (1909-S VDB in NGC VF 25)

This almost all business strike set, includes all the key-dates (09-S VDB, 09-S, 14-D, 22 Plain (Weak Rev), and 1931-S) in VG or better. S VDB prices continue to climb at a rapid pace.

Here are the major keys and their grades:

  • 1909-S VDB - NGC VF 25
  • 1909-S - Fine (rough rev.)
  • 1914-D - Very Good
  • 1922 Plain (Weak Rev) - Very Good
  • 1931-S - Very Fine

Most, not all, of the 1938-2010 portion of the set is Unc to Red Unc.

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