1907 Jamestown Tercentennial Gilt 34mm HK-347 R4 - NGC MS 65

Gorgeous gem specimen of this So-Called-Dollar catalogued as HK-347.

Each of these Medals were struck by the U.S. Mint directly on-site at the exhibition.

The Jamestown Tercentennial Exposition is often overlooked next to the more successful  Chicago, Buffalo and Saint Louis fairs. While largely considered a success in terms of exhibition quality it was a financial disaster. Then President Teddy Roosevelt, Mark Twain, Booker T. Washington and visiting dignitaries from over 20 countries were in attendance. The highlight of the exhibition was a somewhat controversial display of Americas military might. The U.S. Navy warships and those of visiting foreign navies were so impressive that U.S. Navy ended up building the Norfolk Naval Station on the grounds.

Obv. Female Indian bust (Pocahontas) l. in center circle; outside around, Ter-Centennial • of • the • Settlement • of • Jamestown; below • 1607--1907 • beaded border.

Rev. Sailing ships in center circle; outside around, Landing of Expedition Under Captn John Smith; below • May 13. 1607.; beaded border.

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