1906 Pike's Peak, "Southwest Exposition" Centennial HK-338 R3 - About Uncirculated

A very presentable peace with fully original, if imperfect, surfaces. Improper storage is the most likely culprit here - with very light drawer wear and a stain. These seem tougher to come by than their Rarity attribution would indicate.

Pike Monument Association formed December 1896; planned to erect statue of Pike "of heroic size and in enduring bronze" and "to...forever maintain...monument and historical data." This Celebration 10 years later was staged by Association; financed by public contributions and sale of medals; bronze statue never did materialize. Organization disappeared shortly thereafter.

Obv. Male bust, part r.; around Zebulon Montgomery Pike. 1779-1813
Rev. Mountain peak, below Pike's Peak--within center circle; outside, around Southwest Expedition • Commemorative Medal; below • Colorado 1806-1906 •

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