1898 Switzerland - Kanton Neuchatel, Silver Shooting Festival Medal - About Uncirculated

1898 Switzerland - Switzerland, Kanton Neuchatel, Shooting Festival Medal for the Federal Shooting Festival in Neuchatel, 16-28 July 1898 by Fritz Ulysse Landry. Obverse: PATRIE -- Five men right, in various shooting/observing stances at a shooting stand; banner above. // Reverse: TIR FEDERAL DE 1898 A NEUCHATEL -- Eagle standing facing on branch, head left, with wings spread; flag behind; in four lines to right. Silver, Uncirculated, Edge: Smooth, no mint marks, Original contemporaneous strike, as struck with a lovely original tone. Signed: "F.LANDRY" on both the obverse and reverse. Richter 970a; Martin 526.

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