1890 Washington Zinc Company Stock Certificate - Bonsack, Virginia

W: 8 3/4 x H: 7 1/4

The Washington Zinc Company operated out of Bonsack, Virginia between 1888 and 1895. During this period about 11,878 tons were mined in the area outside of Roanoke county.

Each of these certificate are stamped "Full Paid and Non Accessible." in small red ink underneath the company name and above a neat mining vignette. Each of the certificates are signed to J.H. Vanetine and are dated 1890. Each is embossed with the company corporate seal.

Of some interest is that each of the certificates are signed by General William S. Rosecrans ,then president of the company. Rosecrans was a general in the Union army that arguably didn't receive the recognition he deserved, owing mostly to his defeat at the Battle of Chickamauga. He was reportedly considered as a vice presidential running mate for Lincoln in 1864.

I can find no recorded sale of these certificates and sparse to non-existent evidence of other remaining examples.

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