1879-S Rev. of 1879 Morgan Dollars Fresh from Original Roll - Choice Uncirculated+

32 sold
Item Price In?
White $59.00 Yes!
End-Roll-Toned $59.00 Sold Out!

A week or so ago we bought a couple of original rolls of 1879-S Morgan Dollars, complete with end-roll-toners. Having had a chance to sort them I pulled out 15 or so for submission to go 65 or better and wasn't sure what to do with the others. Because they are just so ridiculously nice with super frosty devices and slightly PL fields – I'm making them an online special.

So here we go, a neat little special of 10 coins: 8 frosty white coins and 2 end-roll-toners. They are a bit pricier than our regular catalog priced coins, but they are ridiculously nice.

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