1867-A France Silver 2 Francs KM.807.1 - Scarce SEDAN Counterstamp - Fine


This countermark is a satirization of the defeat of the French army by the Prussians at Sedan, a crucial battle in the 1870-71 Franco-Prussian War that became a rallying cry for the French anti-monarchists. Napeoleon III gave the order to hoist a white flag at Sedan, formally surrendered to the Prussians the next day, and was sent into exile in Germany. The battle was commemorated by many countermarks, engraved coins and satirical tokens.

KM# 807.1
Denomination 2 Francs
Country France
Government Second Empire (Napoleon III as Emperor)
Ruler Napoleon III
Coinage Type Decimal Coinage
Mint Paris
Composition Silver
Fineness 0.9
Weight 10 g 0.2893 oz ASW
Description Obverse Laureate head left
Description Reverse Crowned and mantled arms divide denomination

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