1864 $5 • $10 • $20 • $50 Confederate States Note Deal - VF/XF to AU/Unc

These neat “large-size” notes represent some of the last hand-holdable vestiges of the U.S. Civil War that nearly anyone can obtain. Virtually from the very beginning of the war the Confederate States attempted to raise money by printing their way through their monetary shortfalls. Today, most of that currency is found well-circulated, stained, cancelled and even burned. However, this grouping of notes are all crisp and clean and no notes grade lower than Very Fine. Here is the breakdown:

1864 $5 - AU/UNC • 1864 $10 - AU/Unc • 1864 $20 - XF/AU • 1864 $50 - VF/XF

This deal is unlike any we’ve been able to run in the past because a lot of these notes came from consecutive packs (even some from the $20 and $50s) which we rarely see. We have about 15 groupings available to offer – don’t miss yours!

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