Restrike 1861 (1961) Confederate Cent Die Impressions Bashlow Copper Bar Paperweight

In 1961, Robert Bashlow purchased the defaced Haseltine dies and had transfer dies made by August C. Frank, using original (cancelled) pieces. Bashlow produced a number of 2nd re-strikes on a variety of metals, just in time for the Civil War anniversary. He also made a few “fancy” pieces, including a limited run of so-called paperweights – obverse & reverse Confederate Cent die impressions on solid blocks of copper. According to “The Lovett Cent, a Confederate Story” book by Harold Levi & George Corell, Bashlow was planning to make at least 100 paperweights, but only about 80 such pieces were made before the dies cracked.

Weight 20.07 ounces. 78mm wide x 38mm high. Numbered 52.

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