1858 Great Britain Victoria & Albert Marriage Commemoration Bronze Medal 53mm - AU/Unc

Gorgeous and sharp this medal shows just the most trace evidence of cabinet rub.

Obverse: D XXV JANVARII MDCCCLVIII. Portrait medallions of the Crown Prince Frederick William (FRID GVIL - BORVSS PRINC REG) and the Victoria (VICTORIA BRIT - PRINC - REGIA), held by a winged genius. Alliance mints in the section. Below signatures G LOOS DIR - W KULLRICH FEC.

Reverse: SALVE. The Crown Prince leads his wife of Borussia, who is standing in the boat, watching from the shore of St. George. In the boat as captain the seated god of love, on it VICTORIA & ALBERT. In the sidebar Signature A FISCHER INV.

The wedding took place on January 25, 1858 in the Royal Chapel of St. James Palace in London. St. George (England) and Borussia (Prussia) are considered the patron saints of the crossing.

(Henck 2732; Marien 6488)

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