1849 Germany, Battle of Eckernförde Victory Medal, Bronze 32mm - Uncirculated Details

Medal commemorating the Battle of Eckernförde (First Schleswig War), 1849. Bronze medal (32 mm). Some obvious rim issues, but otherwise one of the nicest specimens I've been able to find.

Obverse: The 'Christian VIII' on fire sinking, broadside starboard view of 'Gefion' in the distance, fort in foreground.
Reverse: Inscription, 'ZERSTÖRUNG D . DÄN . LINIENSCHIFFES CHRISTIAN VIII UND EROBERUNG DER FREGATTE GEFION ECKERNFÖRDE 5 APRIL 1849.' (Destruction of the Danish line-of-battle ship 'Christian VIII' and capture of the frigate 'Gefion'). Legend: (in circle), 'DEN TAPFEREN DEUTSCHEN KRIEGERN GEWIDMET.' (Dedicated to the brave German warriors.)

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