1818 Capped Bust Half Dollar - Overton 104b (R5+) - About Uncirculated

One of my favorite die pairings. The obverse die was obviously on the verge of death in this terminal stage. The 104 die pairing in this late stage has been called R6 & R7, but I believe it is likely closer to R5+.

Diagnostics: The obverse die is shattered as described for 104a, with additional cracks that are unlisted. The die crack above star 7 is extremely heavy, joining the cap in a small lump and continuing through the headband. Another crack joins all of the stars on the right, beginning above star 8 and continuing to star 13.

I put this coin at somewhere between AU-53 & AU-55. Some protected area luster remains. Though it was undoubtedly dipped at some point in its history there is no evidence of harsh cleaning and it displays a pleasing, light peach/orange tone.

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