10 Different Standing Liberty Quarters in VG or Better - Includes Mintmarks and a Pre-1925

Running a Standing Liberty Quarter deal is always kind of a big to-do because they are so few and far between these days. Our last deal sold like wildfire and wasn't nearly as extensive as this.

In this deal you will receive 10 different date/mintmark combinations grading VG or better (with more than a few VFs in the later dates). This is the breakdown:

  • 9 1925 to 1930 dated coins
  • within the 9 at least 3 coins will be mintmarked D or S coins
  • and the final coin will be a pre-1925 dated coin

Please note! It is possible you will receive a teens dated coin that only grades Good. That said, it is still a very equitable trade-off at this pricing.

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