2009 Canada $20 1 oz .9999 Silver Autumn Crystal Raindrop - Gem in OGP

8 sold

Theme: Autumn's jewels
As the lush greenery of summer gives way to the crimson-gold hues of autumn, the humidity that was trapped in the atmosphere throughout the summer is released. Rain showers down upon the earth where the soil, plants and trees soak up the nourishing liquid as if it were the final great drink before the oncoming winter.

Trees drip with renewed vibrancy. And as the clouds clear, their wet leaves reflect the sunlight like shining jewels.

Gold, orange, yellow, red…as one stops to gaze at the masterpiece of colour, an orchestra of sound begins to fill the air. At first, it is almost imperceptible but grows as one’s ears tune into the beauty of the scene—a multitude of water droplets making their final descent to earth as they flow to the lowest point of each leaf and drip to the ground. It is a cascade of beauty; a fleeting, final dance for autumn’s majestic jewels.

Highlights: This gorgeous coin features colour and CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Element—it’s only the second time we’ve ever combined both of these effects. The end result is truly breathtaking, made all the more beautiful with the incredible shine of silver that’s 99.99% pure—a unique keepsake of Canada.

Reverse: A crystalline raindrop drips from a trilogy of maple leaves coloured in the beautiful hues of autumn.

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