U.S. Mint Prestige Proof Sets in Original Government Packaging - 1983-S to 1997-S

Item Price In?
1983-S $47.50 Yes!
1984-S $32.00 Yes!
1986-S $34.00 Yes!
1987-S $32.00 Yes!
1988-S $36.50 Yes!
1989-S $39.00 Yes!
1990-S $34.00 Yes!
1991-S $49.00 Yes!
1992-S $53.00 Yes!
1993-S $41.00 Yes!
1994-S $41.00 Yes!
1995-S $85.00 Yes!
1996-S $300.00 Yes!
1997-S $65.00 Yes!
All 14 Sets $859.00 Yes!

Each set is house in its original mint packaging with its Certificate of Authenticity.  Save a bundle when you buy all 14!

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