Original BU Rolls of Washington Quarters - Nollie's Siesta Special

Item Price In?
1950 $359.00 Yes!
1954 $250.00 Yes!
1954-D $225.00 Yes!
1956 $219.00 Yes!
1958 $179.00 Yes!
1958-D $189.00 Yes!
1959 $169.00 Yes!
1960 $195.00 Yes!
1960-D $209.00 Yes!
1962 $189.00 Yes!

We have a few extra rolls of a couple of dates we are going to get out of here while Nollie is snoozing! These are all crisp original 40-coin rolls, most were bank wrapped though we are removing them from the paper to ensure the quality of each coin.

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