2004 Lewis & Clark Coin & Pouch Set in Original Government Packaging


This set contains a proof Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Silver Dollar and its Certificate of Authenticity and a leather American Indian Pouch with its Certificate, hand-signed by the American Indian artisan who produced it. This set has a limit of to up to 50,000 units, based on availability of the American Indian pouches. Orders are limited to 10 units per order. The Lewis & Clark program is limited to 500,000 coins across all four (4) product options.

Experience history first-hand with these traditional, handmade leather pouches. Many American Indian tribes figured prominently in the Lewis and Clark saga. Artisans from several of these tribes individually designed and handcrafted these pouches to hold the new, proof Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Silver Dollar.

Of the up to 50,000 pouches produced, no two are exactly alike. Cut, tanned and decorated by artisans who are descendants of some of the many American Indian tribes encountered by Lewis and Clark, these pouches are each as individual as the tribes they represent.

Due to the unique design of the American Indian pouches, the United States Mint will randomly select one for you.

The Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Silver Dollar was designed by United States Mint sculptor/engraver Donna Weaver. The obverse depicts Captains Lewis and Clark on a stream bank planning another day of exploration. Lewis is seen holding his rifle in one hand and his journal in the other. The reverse features two feathers to represent the many American Indian cultures touched by the Corps of Discovery. It also features an image of the original Jefferson Peace Medal presented to American Indian nations during the expedition on behalf of President Jefferson, surrounded by 17 stars representing the number of states in the Union in 1804.


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