Power Outage - 2018-03-02

Monday 2018-03-05

Power was restored and stable Saturday morning (2018-03-03). We are back up and fully operational.

3:35 PM

Power is intermittent at this point (currently out). Telephones should still be rolling over to cell phones.

11:50 AM

Power has been restored. Our thanks to Dominion Power and good luck to all the crews out there. It is still very windy out there and we know you'll be busy today.

11:20 AM

Power is still out. We had a brief glimmer of hope (electricity) that lasted all of 2 minutes. However, telephone calls are now being rerouted to our cell phones!

9:41 AM

We've lost power due to high winds in the area. We know a transformer blew so we expect to be down at least a couple of hours. We are currently working on rerouting our telephones to our cell phones and will keep you updated on this page.