The 1923 Large-Size $1
Silver Certificate
From a bygone era, this was the last of the United States' large-size notes.

These notes were the last of their era. A time when radio was the hot new tech and one could easily fit a few hundred of today's iPhones inside one. The "Roaring 20s" saw Jazz music truly blossom, Art Deco was at its peak and, The Great Gatsby was published. Social change was hard fought with women winning the right to vote at the start of the decade but, also with Amos & Andy debuting at its end.

The grades available are defined as such:

  • Cull/Good - Note is whole and very readable. But, they may small holes, or tears, or even burn marks.
  • Very Good/Fine - Note is well circulated but has no notable problems.
  • Very Fine+ - Note is crisp (snappy paper) and clean but has been folded at some point.